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How it all started...

Dimitar here. First, I should tell you that I have been creating and making things since ever.

As a kid I used to take toys apart and use their components to create my own R2D2s and some fancy gadgets (which almost never worked as planned...). Then it was time to make some bigger projects, like rebuilding bikes (surprise - a BMX tyre works on a mountain bike!). And after that, it was the IT period, when I started programming computer games and started exploring the world of graphic design.

Then, during my second year in the University of National and World Economy (UNWE, Sofia, got my bachelor's degree in HR there), I decided I should have a home-built lamp. And so I did. It didn't turn very nice and I had to make another one, and then I had an idea for a third one and there the story goes on... A lot of work, loud noises at home (hammering and cutting wood planks, my sister hated it...) and there was the first sale. A few months later I moved to our current workshop and started working together with my brother Svetoslav. In a few words, this is how it all began. I only hope for the best of Paladim and I am sure we'll keep progressing.

Since 2012 we have developed many projects, of which only the best ones survived. We have shipped over 2000 items in 52 countries around the globe and we keep on improving our work.

We have always strived to provide well-designed products of good use and quality, that will stand the test of time. And most important, we combine modern style and wood in our own Paladim style. So go ahead, make a nice addition for your home or office, be creative!


Inside the Paladim workshop

An old garage that was used as a storagehouse, this is what our workshop used to be. However we are proud to have made many changes and improvements, so we can work easier and better on our designs. After all, we spend most of our days here and it has to be a cool place to be.

Dimitar and Davis, Paladim        


How it's made

Our friends from WEARE Creative Group came to visit us and made a short video of a Kran desk lamp being made. Secrets and tools of our sorcery revealed!